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Eka Kheliyane

Every year Maharashtra Mandal Kuwait (MMK) a socio-cultural nonprofit organization organizes various cultural programs to provide platform for its members and nurture their cultural talents. MMK organized cultural programme “Ekk Kheliyane” on Friday 9th Oct2015 in the Indian Embassy Kuwait. This event had special significance as it was done by MMK for the noble cause of raising funds for the families of farmers in Maharashtra who committed suicide due to various reasons like crop failure, inclement weather condition, drought, rising production  ost, indebtedness etc. The event was attended by Embassy official Mr. A K Shrivatsav second secretary ,press, info & culture.

 The event “ Ekk Kheliyane” is actually compilation of literary works by Maharashtra’s beloved personality Mr. Purushottam Laxman Deshpande popularly known by his initial “Pu La” who was a genius writer ,multi talented author of comic genre, humorist ,accomplished film and stage actor, music composer, harmonium player, singer and orator. His wit and command over the Marathi language, his wisdom clothed in humor, his life and the way he lived it is still an inspiration for many. A national treasure, he enriched the life of many and doubtless was an inspiration to many. There was an underlying leitmotif of tragedy and seriousness in his humor.In one of his book “Hasavnook” (entertainment),punning on the words and calling it “Phasavnook”(entrapment) he says once we realize that nature is playing a game of entrapment with us between the two events viz birth & death, all one can do is to entertain the people around us. “Pu La” supported many charities and was recipient of many prestigious awards.

To present the event MMK had invited renowned and versatile artists Mr. Anand Ingle and Mrs., Spruha Joshi from India who have established themselves as leading names in the film and stage actors.The presentation by the artist had all the ingredients like wit, prank, self-deprecating, dry quirky and wrapped sense of humor to make a perfect recipe for the audience and hereby doing justice to the author “Pu La” depicting all moods in the right sense. The audience was in splits most of time and the response was exuberant.

In September 2015 ,Nana Patekar a popular movie actor and producer has established an organization ,namely “NAM” foundation along with fellow Marathi actor Makrand Anaspure, which will provide aid to farmers overcome by drought condition in Maharashtra, India.MMK had invited a popular writer, actor, producer and poet Jitendra Joshi to collect the charity amount donated by MMK members as a representative of NAM foundation. He thanked the MMK members for their generous contribution and appealed the members to continue doing the charity work.

The event was a major success and we thank our sponsors whose help has contributed to quality programs being arranged in Kuwait.


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