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Are there any specific restrictions when I take my family to Kuwait?

Ideally, you should arrive in Kuwait on Work Visa provided by your employer here. Once you are here in Kuwait, your company processed your residence VISA( & civil ID card etc) which can take up to 3 months. Then only you yourself can apply and obtain visit visa for your family and they can come here. Once they are here, you need to process their residence (dependent) here.

All this process involves medical tests and obtaining Police verification etc.

There are no restriction (like Compulsory Burkha etc) here.

Is there any specific area where all Indians are located?

Yes.. There are areas like Salmiyah, Abu Halifa etc densely populated with Indians.

Is it safe to stay with family as like India?

Quite safe in residential areas in the above areas. But restrictions of movement are there because adverse weather conditions.

What are all challenges I might be facing over there?

In IT sector, there are lot of Indians and hence may not face much language problem. But yes.. in Govt Offices and on road one is handicapped as not all Kuwaities will know good English. But that does not affect the life much.

List of benefits I should check with my employer before on board?

Some Companies do provide House Rent, Yearly Air Passage to India, School Expenses for Kids, Yearly Bonus, and of course Yearly Leave etc .. one should know how much this costs these items before accepting offer. There is no income tax here.


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